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Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent (, also UK, US, French: [iv sɛ̃ lɔʁɑ̃]; 1 August 1936 – 1 June 2008), professionally known as Yves Saint-Laurent, was a French fashion designer who, in 1961, founded his eponymous fashion label. He is regarded as being among the foremost fashion designers in the twentieth century. In 1985, Caroline Rennolds Milbank wrote, "The most consistently celebrated and influential designer of the past twenty-five years, Yves Saint Laurent can be credited with both spurring the couture's rise from its 1960s ashes and with finally rendering ready-to-wear reputable.

According to Marie-Dominique Lelièvre, author of "Saint Laurent: bad boy" Saint Laurent, who died in 2008 aged 71 was a tyrant who relied on drink, cocaine, and amphetamines and who was crippled by a chronic, acute depression. “Several times ­witnesses saw him lose his head and throw objects at people,” she says. “His ­physical power was as great as his inner strength. Yves was an athlete as far as ashtray throwing is concerned.”

Betty Catroux, one of her models shared in an interview for the book previously named: "Yves Saint Laurent didn’t have friends. He loved nobody. He was intimate with nobody". Victoire, another of her muses shared in the same interview "They say he loved women. No, he didn’t love them. He used them.”

Tom Ford, a renowned fashion designer, and film director said “Being at Yves Saint Laurent was such a negative experience for me... Yves and his partner Pierre Bergé were so difficult and made my life such misery. Yves was just evil"


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Monica says

"Received an item with scratches. I have sent and email and have called tried to get a hold of someone for a return. The customer service line keeps hanging up on me because they are busy and to call again later. They were supposed to send me a return label. Did not receive it."

John says

"I order a gift from YSL as a birthday present for my sister two weeks ago. They declare on their website 1 - 3 working days for delivery. The gift has still not arrived and my sister is without a birthday gift on her birthday. YSL are operating within a unethical manner. They do not answer their phones, answer emails, and mislead the consumer. Apparently, they have sent the item but have not supplied me with any tracking information from DHL. Thus, leading me to believe they have not shipped the item but just wanted to debit my credit card for a service and product that has not been fulfilled by them. I have never had an experience like this from purchasing anything online before. You may think that YSL are a brand you can trust but I would urge you to think again. I have since spoken with my bank and issued a charged back. They have agreed they have not meet their terms as advertised within their website and will debit my account the different. Albeit, they have destroyed my sisters birthday, which the bank nor YSL can fix. YSL is an absolute disgrace! Pleas beware when buying from them because I would not want you to have the same issue's and anxiety caused by this company as myself."

Sean McGrady says

"Made a purchase due for delivery by 23rd December as a Christmas gift. The package never arrived via DHL, after many attempted phone calls I am never able to get hold of anyone at customer service and no replies to emails. Such poor levels of service from such a large brand, avoid buying online. Having to contact my bank."

Niles Wadley says

"Today is January 4th and I ordered a purse for my wife two weeks before Christmas and still haven’t received it. I sent an email to client services and called customer service and still not have made contact. The status shows as pending and I have no idea that the item will ever be delivered. It’s a shame and I believe the product must be a sham. Do not buy from YSL."

Sarah says

"Terrible customer experience. They do not offer anywhere near the same service online as other luxury brand competitors. This experience has really put me off purchasing anything from them again. For a week now they have not be contactable by phone and still not responded via email. Their description of how an item should be returned on their website for those in the U.K is completely useless."

Quang Tien Luc Nguyen says

"So I order a pair of pumps as a gift for my wife on Xmas. Here how I recieved it: 1, Wrong size 2, ordered it with a giftcard, didnt come with 3, no receipt or returnlable. Tried to send a ton of messages but none have been reply and they said " reply back in 48h". Called to their center in UK, after 15 mins of waiting time they picked up and promised me to send a returnlable to my email, nothing happens after 5h. So I called again, this time waiting time was 12mins. They promised again, send in 10 mins... Well I guess customers are sh¡~ to them. So I wasted the whole day waiting and those international calls arent cheap. F YSL, last time I buy any of their product online again, first time for everything I guess. 0/5"

Tipu Dua says

"The products arrived half empty/ dried up. The lip gloss packaging was not sealed and the customer service disconnects without even picking your call. You will reach dead ends with their email support as well."

Joel H says

"Please, go elsewhere for if you are getting your product online. There is no customer service; the online chat option is disabled, the single contact number merely tells you that it is unavailable with no reasoning then disconnects. The email service which they list as providing a reply within 48 hours (it's going on 4 days) seems to be a dead end. I assumed that as a high end store their service would have been at a minimum cordial and transparent. I believe this service is reserved for their in store clients. Again, If you intend to purchase fro moths store online, please use caution. Further more, stay away and seek an alternative option. As of the writing of this, it's been over a week and I'm yet to receive shipping information."

Reaper Y says

"Order something for my wife on November 20. I m still waiting and their tracking is a joke. I ordered something else from La mer on 12/5 and I already received it. The after sales service from YSL is totally suck. Today is 12/16/2020"

蔡真 says

"really really slow slow slow I ordered some makeups on 11/29 and my order was shipped on 12/5. I have been waiting for one week and no updates anymore. No pickups. Only ready to go sign. They told me it was due to the holiday delay. Well, so Christmas is coming. I will never get my makeup."

Lou Panamera says

"Wishing that I could have saved myself the hassle/disappointment and read these reviews ahead of purchasing my bag. I purchased the medium college directly from the YSL website. The first red flag was the bag arriving with no tissue paper stuffing within the bag. Upon further inspection I noticed the leather on half the bag appeared new and the other half looked older and worn. My inclination is I was sent a bag which had been previously used. To pay that kind of money and receive a bag of such low/poor quality from a company that markets themselves as “high-end” is beyond shameful and deplorable. On top of that, the retail store will not accept your return, only exchanges, thus online orders will need to be shipped back. Thankfully they had the decency to provide a shipping label —hence the 1 star rating—and the bag was sent back in less that 24 hrs, to which I did receive my full refund. I know now where NOT to go should I want to purchase a designer bag in the future. Hopefully this painfully honest review will help others too."

Karen Ellinas says

"I ordered a bracelet via the website. The website was showing stock available. Paid for the bracelet and two days later received an email saying it was out of stock. I suggest to YSL that if you have no stock, stop taking orders and payment and start being honest with your customers. Appalling service from a company which charges so much for their products."

Laura says

"Paid $2500 for a YSL bag which has scratches on the back and a black dye mark on the envelope flap. Have sent two emails for a refund that have so far been ignored. They say returns have to be completed within 30 days and then delay their response on purpose."

Varisa says

"Worse call center ever!!! YSL is high end company but the service mind of the employee on call center is very low. She even rise her voice to me and she talks like she doesn’t like her job. I will go to Dior instead service mind there is completely different!"

Anne Buchanan says

"Ordered a bag, paid just under £1000. Waited in all day for delivery didn’t turn up. Waited in another day for it came at 330pm. So disappointed with the quality. The leather quality was poor. I have bought much cheaper bags and the quality was better. In addition, bag was damaged in 2 places. Would have thought the would be quality checked before leaving YSL! Had to wait in another day for it to be uplifted again late afternoon pick up. Fair enough refund was pretty quick but no apology, nothing. 1 star as girl on phone at YSL was very nice. Won’t be ordering again! YSL sort out your customer services, your customers deserve better!"

WL says

"As other customers have experience their service is horrible. I bought a Kate tassel bag in burgundy mock croc 4 years ago. As this is more of en evening bag I don’t wear it very often. In August I noticed that a piece of the glazing on the side had broke and fallen off. I also noticed it was happening on the other side too. YSL customer service chalked this up to normal wear and tear, which I did not feel was realistic, but what can you do. The period of the warranty had passed. I had the bag fixed for €50 and received it bag 4 weeks ago with multiple stains on it. While some are not too noticeable, one is very obvious. I informed YSL of the issue immediately. They told me they contacted the atelier (who did the repair on my bag) and it would take a couple of days to receive an answer. I have contacted them multiple times over the past 4 weeks, and supposedly they are still waiting on a reply from the atelier. Meanwhile, my bag is ruined by then and they are not putting in any effort to fix this. I find them blatantly disrespectful to clients."

Boris Panov says

"Dishonest company with no integrity. They only approve positive reviews of their products on this website. You'd think that a company like YSL wouldn't use the same tactics as Instagram drop-ship scammers but they do. How can anyone trust them if they don't allow negative reviews of their products. And how will they ever improve those products if they can't take constructive criticism."

Sophie Barnes says

"My brother ordered me a belt for Christmas and experienced no problems with delivery, however, unfortunately he got the sizing wrong and the belt is too big. I have tried to contact ysl via their website and keep experiencing technical issues. I managed to get through a week ago yet I have received no response, despite their website saying they will respond within 48 hours. I have also left a DM on Instagram. This present cost so much money and it’s awful that I can’t wear it due to it being too big. The customer service is terrible!!"